Bpi credit card dollar exchange rate

bpi credit card dollar exchange rate

got out of my credit card had saved me a lot of money! Doing so had given me the assurance that I could put a stop to any unauthorized charges if in case my card gets stolen or if I would accidentally use a shady money machine somewhere. Is my BPI Credit Card accepted worldwide? In case of non-USD currency transactions, these shall be first converted to US dollars prior to converting to Philippine Peso. Which foreign conversion rate will be applied if my foreign transaction is in US dollars? Petron-BPI Mastercard, bPI Express Credit Edge Mastercard, bPI Express Credit Corporate Mastercard. You can compute the Peso equivalent of your purchases abroad by first checking Mastercard/Visa foreign exchange rate applicable on the posting date of the transaction.

bpi credit card dollar exchange rate

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Does the.85 Foreign Exchange Service Fee include the assessment fees charged by Mastercard or Visa? Euro (EUR).1185.5423, japanese Yen (JPY).4680.4951, hong Kong, dollar (HKD).5882.9702, australian, dollar (AUD).7548.9415. Overall Its plain to see that owning a BPI Credit Card will maximize your travels given how it offers you complete convenience, practicality, and safety. We offer a wide best strategy for trading options array of currencies and Forex solutions to help you reach your goals. When making a payment with your Credit Card abroad, choose to have your transaction processed/billed in the local foreign currency instead of being billed in Philippine Pesos. Thats why for all of my travels around Asia and Europe in the past years, Ive made it a point to use a credit card, since as per the above point, you can hold money off if in case there are fraudulent charges. Did you like this article? Inform us of your travel plans to ensure that the card transactions made within and outside the country are valid and authorized by you. The foreign exchange rates are available from Mastercard and Visa websites and are updated daily. However once I did launch into my nomadic lifestyle, I have come to realize that such was NOT true since there are tons of amazing benefits that a credit card can give to a world traveler like. Fortunately, there is a trusted credit card out there that can offer me these perks: the ( B ank of the P hilippine I slands) BPI Credit Cards! For more information see BPI s website.