Do i need a broker to trade forex

do i need a broker to trade forex

version of Kinetick is, as you say, EOD. Also, there is this concept of currency ETF. Here, you can trade with huge lot sizes by investing small initial amounts. Unless you are going for their 3rd party supplied inidcator tools etc, in which case I would advise against that. # 6 malaguti 2,237 Posts Joined Nov 2009 Re: Do I need to have a broker to use NinjaTrader? Forex Brokers forums, part of the Commercial category; I haven't used NinjaTrader before and I'm looking to try it out. Do I have to connect that setup with a broker?

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So NT has a built in feed? Ninjatrader can simply be used stand alone if you wish, and then as you say use the broker to place your trade, its what i do with any platform I dont use it to feed my broker. If you want to convert USD to Euros, visiting an appropriate bank may suffice. Photo Credits seewhatmitchsee/iStock/Getty Images, logo, return to Top, connect. Skip to main content. (If I do want to take a trade I'll have MT4 open in another window and could always open the trade with my existing broker/s). quot;: Originally Posted by Smooth I opened a chat with an eSignal rep. quot;: Originally Posted by Smooth That's right. # 2 malaguti 2,237 Posts. # 11 Smooth 15 Posts Joined Feb 2006 Re: Do I need to have a broker to use NinjaTrader? I don't need any backtesting, I just want to make some observations in real time on the NT charts using Kinetick's real time feed. Additional considerations the prospective day trader should take into account include minimum account balance requirements, trading tools and servces that are offered with the account, and broker specialization, such as brokerages that only allow trading in options or futures.

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do i need a broker to trade forex

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