How to make a forex trading journal

how to make a forex trading journal

lonely venture, its always good to have other like-minded traders to bounce ideas off and socialize with. If you are relatively new in this arena, we would like to recommend you to get started with. One is useless without the other. In this article, we covered some important points on how to earn trading Forex. Your reactions to your outcomes; you must have reactions regardless of how good or bad the outcome was. Dont chase the market for trade setups.

At the start of each day, read through your Forex trading journal to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before hitting the charts. After a little while you will see the type of setups that make you the most money, and a pattern will emerge. After you look through your Forex trading journal, you can quickly reflect on the many times when you have entered trades impulsively in the past with an undesirable outcome; this should be a red flag to you. There is no one else to redirect the blame to, every decision falls back on you. Go through your Forex trading journal and find consistencies with all the trades that worked out. Here is another one. . Forex trading doesnt have to be a complicated undertaking all you need to do is to gain experience and learn as much as you can. Why do I need a Forex trading journal Nial?

how to make a forex trading journal

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