Google currency chart api

google currency chart api

can use other forex trading offices in delhi exchange rate API as well like yahoo finance, open-exchange etc. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. We will use following files into this application, ml : This file use for main entry point of application, Here we will include all required libraries, js and css files. Well create simple html layout for enter amount, select from currency and to currency using html dropdown. We will define http method to get all currency types with their symbol. Checkout Other Angular tutorials, Currency Converter AngularJS app Using Google Converter API. These file will use later on into this application. The Google is providing finance API to convert one currency to other currency in real time. Load visualization "1 packages corechart tOnLoadCallback(drawChart function drawChart var data rayToDataTable(?php echo data;? Text message; else lblMessage. Rate; string message string.

We will add http method to call google currency converter api using php wrapper. Draw(data, options /script As you can see from this image, the vertical column displayed on the left does use decimal points as specified using rmat in the above code, but the dialog box does not show the decimals or the dollar sign (I added the. Currency_p : The file is used to wrapper between angular and google currency api. On the chart itself, I have been able to get the numbers to display like currency, but when the mouse hovers over a forex candle explained point and the dialog box displays, the number is not displayed as specified. The google currency conversion API will take three parameters, one is amount that will convert, from_currency is used for current amount currency type and to_currency is used for desired currency type. I am using Google chart API to display a line chart, but I need the numbers to show as currency. Conclusion: We have created angularjs app to convert currency from one type to other in real time.

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