Three ducks strategy reddit forex

three ducks strategy reddit forex

at 5-minute pricing schedule and to wait when the price crosses the rolling average of SMA (60) from top to bottom. Using one indicator on 3 different time frames we receive identical settings for them; therefore there is no sense to open all three charts, and it is necessary to shift time frames only. Once the SMA (60) crosses the price when it declines and the price is raising in the M5 period, it the time for sending an order to sell. In any case, for greater security and protection of its profits recommend using trailing stop with the sale (its size depends on the time interval and the volatility of currency pairs 10 to 50-70 points). If it proves that the current price in the chart above moving average SMA, we should not jump to the next stage. We have a signal to open a sell position if, after crossing the moving average line from top to bottom, the price will consolidate there. Once found, it will open a pending order, which will be the number of pips your broker has set as your stop level for that currency pair, away from the current price. In accordance with the money-management rules, take-profit order is placed at the distance at least twice as much as the distance between the price level and the stop-loss level. You can see in myfxbook that from the 9th May with the improved trailing stoploss, performance has improved. The first duck the first step. Step number 2 or the second duck.

So, we see that the 4-hour and hourly price schedule price moving average is below 60 SMA. For the medium-term trading: the stop-loss level is the next point of Fibonacci grid. At the, h1 interval, we need to find a confirmation of information from the price schedule, ie, a simple moving average SMA (60) in this interval should also be placed over the price.

Insurance stop-loss strategies for forex «3 ducks You have options: If you are a short-term trader, you can place your stop-loss insurance on a maximum 5-minute or hourly price schedule. The deal could conclude as soon as the intersection of Moving at the interval of M5, but for additional confirmation is better to wait until a puncture on the M5 down past the minimum price, and only after that transaction zvklyuchat for sale. Hence, the SMA (60) in this period should not fall under the price, it should be over. If one desires to use the strategy 3 ducks for purchasing rather then sailing, the strategy should be the same but with one important difference, namely the price should be above the SMA (60 and do not fall below it during all three period. Probably this phrase was the motto of people who developed. "3 ducks" strategy helps to identify existing upstream and downstream movements, and therefore have the opportunity to enter the market in the best way, and to make the biggest profit from the trade.

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