Shortcut for the word example

shortcut for the word example

for Microsoft Word. Each view makes it easier to do certain tasks. Basic PC shortcut keys, below is a list of some of the most commonly used basic shortcut keys that work with almost all IBM compatible computers and software programs. ShiftF10 Move the focus to select each of the following areas of the window: Active tab of the Ribbon Any open task panes Status bar at the bottom of the window Your document F6 Move the focus to each command on the Ribbon, forward. To pound to dollar money converter do this Press Open the Set Proofing Language dialog box AltR, U, L Review list of proofing languages Down Arrow Set default languages AltR, L Turn on East Asian Input Method Editors To do this Press Turn Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) on 101. CtrlShiftF5 Go to the previous window. You can also set Zoom magnification and manage multiple windows of documents. Tab or ShiftTab Display the full set of commands on the task pane menu. AltShiftF2 Display the Research task pane. CtrlF Repeat find (after closing Find and Replace window).

The following table lists some ways to move the keyboard focus without using the mouse. Note: When you select or clear this check box, the setting affects all Office programs that support sound.

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shortcut for the word example

Page Up or Page Down Move to the first preview page when zoomed out. CtrlF3 Close the window. ShiftPage cbec forex notification Up Extend a selection to the beginning of a document. F7 Extend a selection. Press "p" to select Paragraph from the drop-down menu. Page Up or Page Down Close a task pane Press F6 to move to the task pane, if necessary. Home Goes to beginning of current line. Press CtrlTab to switch to the Create from File tab, press Tab, and then type the file name of the object that you want to insert or browse to the file. Check to see if the number in the Entries box is at least four.