Fully tested forex scalping strategy pdf

fully tested forex scalping strategy pdf

you may still want to stick around and see what this robot has to offer. Today Ill be providing a review and informing the portion of the Binary Today readers that trade Forex that this is a worthwhile investment opportunity. Making screenshots The program can take screenshots of every opening and closing of a position(s) so this way you can document your trades in a professional way (this function is also available in Backtest Mode). Please take a look at the EAs presentation and overview video: How does it work? 82 pips Not the best week for trading the setups as price action was muted, one -2 day spikes, or simply ranged with less than 200 pips being available. Want to test it? Enter the passkey the next time you run the program.

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M Fantastic Indicator for M15-D1.

Watch video Percentage-based Trailing Stop. With proven results verified by Myfxbook this is a low risk. Fully customizable settings to make EA trade anyway you like. When the development team says they will do whatever it takes for traders to grow their accounts, they arent kidding. New parameter: PipMultiplierOverride if the program count the pips not correctly with a currency pair or CFD, the user you could override the value of the divider (1, 10, 100). New MetaTrader 4 version (build 600) is currently not supported. It is only question of time! Hedge When during trading you feel the trading course is may be reversing and may start to go to the opposite direction, then with just 1 click you can open a hedge position which can freeze your position to avoid short-term losses. You can see, in advance, the setup that we are looking to take advantage. Warning this version will be locked to your trading accounts, and will work with only 2 accounts per license!

fully tested forex scalping strategy pdf

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