Citibank credit card exchange rate hong kong

citibank credit card exchange rate hong kong

money. This exchange is typically done by Visa at what they say is a.5 percent premium on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of posting. China, hong Kong, india2, indonesia, jersey, korea. Your credit card transaction could be treated as a cash advance. However, keep these potential pitfalls in mind.

Citi Prestige Card - Credit Card - CitiBank Hongkong

citibank credit card exchange rate hong kong

Foreign Currency Transactions: we will convert the charges into Canadian dollars no later than the date we post the transaction to machine learning trading strategy example your Visa Account at our exchange rate which.5 over a benchmark rate set by Visa International. Go to site, compare, show details. However, this works best when you use a service like MoneyGram or Western Union not your bank. Travel Accident Protection 750,000 1,500,000, emergency Medical Protection 500,000 1,250,000, journey Cancellation Protection 10,000 30,000, baggage Loss Protection 10,000 35,000, travel Delay Protection 3,000 5,000, lost of Travel Documents 3,000 5,000. Link your credit card to your PayPal account to make an overseas transfer. Compared with using your bank account, it could be more convenient to transfer money with your credit or debit card. Both companies allow you to pay for online transfers using your credit card, and MoneyGram also allows for in-person transfers with your card. All of the transfer options weve listed above allow you to pay for your transaction with your bank account. Look out for credit and debit card fees. You have several ways to use your credit card when paying for an international money transfer, including: Your bank.

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