Firex smoke detectors fxw-r

firex smoke detectors fxw-r

occupier (or, in the case of a house in multiple operation, with the owner) 1 2000 Maple Chase Company 110-427G. (7" exhaust tube provided in the installation kit.). Loud alarm horn85 decibels at 10 feetsounds to alert you to a fire emergency. The duct unit supports 2 sets of Form "C" Alarm Contacts and 1 form "C" Trouble Contact. Maple chase provides a special.L. The air will be drawn out via the exhaust tube back into the hvac duct. To verify correct installation, the pressure differential between the input and exhaust tubes should be measured using a Magnehelic pressure gauge or equivalent. The trouble contact will not operate in the event of a smoke alarm. Our Price:.38, model: firex-G-6, technical Spec, technical Spec, firex G-6 120VAC Ionization Smoke Alarm. If you have repeated false alarms, move the smoke alarm to a different location, or install specialized smoke alarms with a False Alarm Control or a photoelectric sensor. Test button checks smoke alarm operation. Important safety information please, rEAD AND save these instructions!

Firex smoke alarm manual i4618

DO NOT use exter- nal bug screens or alarm guards. Model FXW-R cannot be inter- connected with any other smoke alarm. This pattern is somewhat different than the previous alarm sound, which minimal deposit forex4you continually beeped. Push-to-Test button accurately tests all smoke alarm functions. Voltage output terminals 16 to 20 (see page 6 for details). Having smoke alarms that work from two different power sources can give extra protection in case of a dead battery or an AC power failure. DO NOT turn off AC power to quiet false alarms. Note, for the correct installation of a duct smoke unit, please refer to the nfpa 72E (Standard for Automatic Fire Detectors nfpa 90A (Standard for. The photoelectric type alarms are generally more effective at detect- ing slow, smoldering fires that smolder for hours before bursting into flame. The remote pilot led will be permanently illuminated when connected to the output terminals. In multi-family buildings, each individual living unit should have its own smoke alarms.

Installation instructions FOR, universal duct smoke detectors, model Ionization. Model FXW-R is a direct replacement for Firex models FX1014, FX1020, FX1106, and FXW-1A. For a Smoke Duct Detector unit to operate correctly, it must be installed 6 duct widths from any obstruction.e.