Forex ruble vs dollar bloomberg

forex ruble vs dollar bloomberg

central bank following its action read: In making its decision on the key rate, moving forward, the Bank of Russia will assess the probability of the baseline scenario implementation (where oil prices drop to 40 per barrel) and the scenario with rising oil prices, alongside. With EUR/RUB currency pair having broken the local resistance level.74, thereby renewing almost 2-month lows, they posited further: The Rouble has all chances for further weakening now, expected ranges for EUR/RUB next week are.00-64.75. The rest do not have the tools to hedge (15 cannot hedge against the ruble weakness as it is too expensive (12) or simply choose not to hedge. Its communique added: The Bank of Russias assessment of the overall potential of the key rate reduction before the end of 2017 is unchanged. In the opinion of SEBs economists: Extension of the opec agreement will only provide limited support to the oil price. Indicative levels ) Table 2: USD/RUB Forward Pricing* (May 5, 2017) Value date USD/RUB fwd pts USD/RUB fwd O/R Spot USD/RUB.61 USD/RUB.8325 USD/RUB.9375 USD/RUB.9450 USD/RUB 12m.8300 ( Source: SEB. Around a third (38) of those asked for their opinion said that ruble will range from 60 to 65, while 12 signalled it will go below. EUR/RUB.3500 ( Source: SEB. Survey Results, the survey initiated at the summit by Bloomberg canvassed over 85 leading practitioners in the FX space - analysts, traders and technology professionals. As to which currency was seen as the safest bet in 2017 by the assembled forex experts, the.S.

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Central Bank of Russias (CBR) meeting to decide on the key interest rate. That is according to a Bloomberg survey of foreign exchange (FX) executives - spanning FX analysts, traders and technology professionals - who were canvassed at the business and financial information providers recent FX17 summit in Moscow. The former senior options trader at Fortis Bank who hails from the greater New York City area, added: FX professionals in Russia and around the world need the accuracy, speed and ease of electronic trading technology. The SEB economists expectations for this coming week stood at the time of writing.50-59.00 versus USD, as RUB is depreciating because of the oil price pressure. Around half (46) of Russian FX professionals polled have increased their hedging of the ruble, while 22 are naturally hedged and are not adjusting their strategy this year, it was revealed. We brought the leaders of the Moscow FX community together to hear their thoughts and share the latest technology and industry best practices. The Central Bank of Russia is scheduled hold its next rate review meeting on Watch this space. Turning back to SEBs latest Russian Weekly titled.