C# get forex data from sql to list

c# get forex data from sql to list

/Generating the query to fetch the contact details query "select id, date_time, link from'sdfsdfsdf SqlCommand new MySqlCommand(query, conn lectCommand new MySqlCommand(query, conn /execute the query reader SqlCommand. Do you have thousands of rows that you need to insert into a table in SQL Server, but some of those rows are duplicates and you want to update the duplicate rows? Well if this need to be pure c# code use excel forex position size calculator linq, if not you can use tsql to achieve the same. Regards, hi, You can use, t or one of the other T based technologies, such. Can any one give the suggestions for the same. Luckily SQL Server has a handy feature that can bridge this gap and its called. Data.SqlClient; namespace lkUpsert internal class Program private static void Main(string args) List Price prices new List Price Random rnd new Random /Create some unique rows for (int i 0; i 10000; i) d(new Price Symbol "aapl Value xtDouble Timestamp new DateTime(2010, 1, 1).AddHours(i d(new Price.

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Anyone thats had to deal with inserting large volumes of data into a database from C# has probably came across the. Now i have similar columns in my sql server database. WriteToServer(table Step #3: Upsert using Merge Use the SQL Server Merge statement to Upsert our data from the temp table to the production table quickly. This class lets you bulk insert data into sql server very fast from C#. The SqlBulkCopy class uses the order to insert not the name, so if the order is not exactly the same you could be inserting data into the wrong columns or get an error. It has a statement to execute and a part where you can declare what to do if the row exists, and what to do if it doesnt exist. ExecuteReader while (ad /Send these to your WinForms textboxes string nameValue reader"Name".ToString string classValue reader"Class".ToString string schoolValue reader"School".ToString You can read the, transact-SQL Reference to learn how to construct more complex queries against a SQL Server database. (warning: order of columns must match the order in the table) DataTable table new DataTable d(new DataColumn Symbol typeof (string d(new DataColumn Price typeof (double d(new DataColumn Timestamp typeof (DateTime /Add prices in our list to our DataTable foreach (Price price in prices) DataRow row. Clean up the temp table mmandText "drop table #Prices cmd.