History gk for competitive exam pdf

history gk for competitive exam pdf

human body etc. Sidbi Small Industries Development Bank of India. Pacs Primary Agricultural Credit Societies.

 The magnitude of refraction of light rays depends the angle of Beams of light rays. . Asba Applications supported Bank accounts. Cibil Credit Information Bureau of India Limited. Neft, national Electronic Funds Transfer.

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Pages: 72, click Here to Download GK Tricks Part-1 for All Competitive Exams (Hindi) PDF. Anbc Adjusted Net Bank Credit. Nabard, national Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. LAB Local Area Banks. The speed of the light either in air or vacuum c 310 ms, properties of Light, properties of light are given as 1 Rectilinear propagation of light 2 Speed of light 3 Refraction 4 Reflection 5 Total internal reflection 6 Dispersion of the light 7 . NRI Non Resident Indian. PDO Public Debt Office.

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