Labuan forex

labuan forex

Company Formation. The money broking company shall impose a maximum leverage limit of 100:1 on clients trading transactions (i.e. CorporateIndividual If Corporate, please provide Company Website No of Years of Experience in Money Brokering/Forex trading? No transactions are permitted to be done with Malaysian residents, other than authorized dealers approved by the Malaysian Exchange Control. It is not necessary for the Labuan forex company to show the share capital in Ringgit instead it can be an equivalent value in some other currency depending on which countrys currency you want to opt for or which native place you belong. The company must appoint an approved external auditor to carry out an audit of business operations annually. The company to pay an annual fee of RM5,000 to Labuan FSA on or before every 15th day of January. Money broking business is defined as the business of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers in the money or foreign exchange markets with brokers acting as an intermediary for consideration of brokerage fees paid.

Prior written approval of Labuan FSA must be obtained for the appointment; Signed declaration by directors and senior staff of the applicant on confidentiality and secrecy; The nature of business of the applicant; A business plan detailing the operations and strategies of the applicant with. The money broking company must have a principal broker, liquidity provider, trading platform provider and copies of agreements. What are The Financial Constraints to Set Up Labuan Forex Company? Our fees do not include government fees to be paid to the FSA that is to say 1250 USD or 5000 Malaysian Ringgits. Advantages of Forex - Introduction to Forex, Foreign Exchange Market or Forex Market. Labuan Forex Money Broking license, however, does not include the buying or selling of Ringgit and foreign currencies by the broker as principal in such markets.